A downloadable game

Oh Hey. So this is an old obsolete version.
The final version can be found (equally free) HERE.


This little thing is a prototype/Proof-Of-Concept for Adventures Of A Generic Luchador, an upcoming freeware game by Super Blizzard.

This is the final -prototype- version. Nothing in here is 100% or finalized in any way.

Any and all thoughts/ideas/questions/threats can be directed @DANGERLANDGames or @SuperBlizzard

Have fun!


You play as El Generico, savior of Mexican Orphans everywhere, fighting to get the orphanage some new blankets and stuff. Beat up snakes and bandits, gather shiny gold coins, and survive as long as you can to show your firey fighting spirit! The prototype consists of 5 rooms, each one more chock full of snakes, boxes, bandits and tables than the last.

   EL CONTROLS or How To...

Walk Around?
   LEFT/RIGHT on the Arrow Keys
Jump In The Air?
   Give the Z Key a smack
Mindless Punching?
   Mash the X Key until you bleed
Bro do you even lift?
   Press X while crouching
Megaman slide?
   Press Z while crouching it's not megaman shut up gawl
   It's in there


PROTIP: Hold the punch button to charge a special attack! You can even double-jump while charged! Woo-hoo!

PROTIP: As long as you don't touch the ground, you can build a combo multiplier - it even affects coins!

PROTIP: While delivering a BRAINBUSTAH through a table/box, hold DOWN to keep the suplex going!


I do not own the El Generico character. This game is meant strictly as a freeware tribute to a great wrestler, nothing more nothing less.

   Super Blizzard


tAoaGL [Final Prototype].zip (1 MB)